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Navigating Political Regulation Just Got Easier

Influencing change in government is a very complicated business. Whether you are an elected official, or you are trying to work with elected officials and government agencies, you need specialized legal counsel that understands the regulatory landscape. Chalmers, Adams, Backer & Kaufman, LLC provides clarity in the face of complexity, and will help you chart a definitive course through state and federal regulations covering contributions, expenditures, ethics, and disclosures.

Described as a “powerhouse GOP law firm” by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chalmers & Adams has advised and represented a variety of elected officials and entities, including:

  • Federal and State legislative leaders and candidates
  • Governors
  • State Supreme Court justices
  • Leading Corporations and nonprofits, including Chambers of Commerce
  • Lobbyists, PACs and Super PACs

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