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Practice Areas | Litigation


Litigators at Chalmers, Adams, Backer & Kaufman, LLC have successfully represented clients in high profile, high stakes matters in federal and state courts around the country. Our litigators represent clients and try cases in the following substantive areas:

We handle appeals at all levels of the federal and state court systems. Our lawyers have represented clients in cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, including the seminal campaign finance case McCutcheon v FEC (striking aggregate contribution limits), and federal and state appellate courts. Our team includes former federal and state appellate law clerks. Our appellate lawyers take pride in the quality, creativity and effectiveness of their research, writing and oral advocacy. We work closely with trial counsel to prepare the record and to prepare briefs and oral arguments designed to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome. Regardless of whether you are appealing an adverse trial court or administrative agency ruling or fighting to preserve a hard-earned victory at trial, our appellate lawyers can help.

Our trial lawyers have experience in a wide variety of civil litigation and business and commercial disputes. Our civil litigation practice cases involve contract breaches and disputes, business ownership conflicts, intellectual property, trade secrets, restrictive covenants, breach of fiduciary duty, and construction matters. We have experience with class actions, civil RICO, director, officer and employee misconduct, fraud against the government, whistleblower claims, partnership and shareholder disputes, mass tort, product liability litigation, government regulatory actions, and political matters. When our clients have to litigate business disputes, we play to win.

We are staunch defenders and advocates at the forefront of cases involving the protection of free speech and associational rights. Our lawyers have litigated constitutional issues in federal and state courts, including in cases involving campaign finance, election integrity, First Amendment and other issues. Working closely with the lawyers who work in our administrative law practice group, our litigators push back against overly broad government regulations and restrictions that negatively affect our clients. We take the Constitution seriously, and we are prepared to defend our client’s rights whenever and wherever they may be threatened.

Our litigators represent our clients on employment law issues. We work with our clients to attempt to achieve their goals without litigation, but we are prepared to try employment cases when necessary.

Our lawyers handle a variety of family law matters, including divorce, separation, alimony, spousal support, child custody, visitation rights, paternity, modifications, and prenuptial agreements. Our lawyers focus on trying to find thoughtful and effective solutions that achieve our clients’s goals while simultaneously being sensitive to the challenging emotional circumstances that many family law issues present. We are always happy to negotiate to try to achieve favorable outcomes, but when necessary our family law litigators are prepared to represent our clients in the courtroom.

Our lawyers handle litigation matters involving trade secrets and other intellectual property law. In many cases, a business’s most valuable asset is its intellectual property. Loss of that IP may have serious consequences for a company’s business. Our lawyers are ready and able to assist businesses protect their intellectual property rights. We recognize that financial damages may not adequately compensate a business for the loss of those rights, and we are ready and able to move quickly to seek a temporary restraining order or other injunctive relief to prevent exposure or loss of confidential business information.

Our attorneys litigate on behalf of our clients before courts and administrative agencies on various substantive areas of political law, including administrative law, campaign finance, lobbying, election law, government ethics and redistricting.

In conjunction with the lawyers in our corporate law practice group, our litigators work on securities litigation matters to protect our clients’s rights, businesses and investments. Our securities litigators work with companies and their directors, officers and employees on securities matters.